Cleaning Up The BBQs and The iPhone

Taking pictures of food is a strange thing.  I end up getting emotionally attached to my bbq pictures and I know that is absolutely absurd.

I don’t care.

So I haven’t been writing much but I sure have been grilling and smoking a lot recently.  I ended up with some pictures of pork butts and beef ribs on my iPhone that I couldn’t bear to delete so I figured I would just post them here.

IMG_3406 - Copy

Love the smoke.

IMG_3407 - Copy

Love the bone pulling back.

IMG_3408 - Copy

Love the indentations from the grill grate when I turned this butt over.

There wasn’t anything very special about this smoked pork butt other than the fact that it tasted great.  Slow smoked for about ten hours if I remember correctly.

Smoked Beef Back Ribs

These beef ribs got smoked for about 8 hours and were pretty fantastic.  Beefy goodness on a stick. Those beef bones are just insane.

I like smoking beef ribs since I can give the bones to the dogs.  The dogs like that as well.

I figured since we are heading into August I ought to take an afternoon and clean out all of the “gunk” that has built up on my grills.

It took me about an hour to get my Weber kettle clean.  I ended up using a plastic putty knife to scrape the grease off the inside of the kettle.  Once I finally got things clean I saw I have some corrosion starting around the bottom air damper.  I’ll need to keep an eye on that and do a better job of keeping my kettle covered when not in use.

I had a piece of bad luck when I was cleaning my Weber Genesis.  I took out the Flavorizer bars and started to scrape them down when one of them simply fell apart in my hands!

You don’t really need all five Flavorizer bars for a Genesis to work.  You only need to have one bar over each of the three burners.  I think I will wait until next year to buy a full replacement set.

On the positive side, the burner tubes on the Genesis were in great shape and appear to be good for several more years.  The frame is sturdy and I didn’t see any rust on the legs.

Since I didn’t buy replacement Flavorizer bars for my Genesis I did decide to buy a new grill cover to help the ones i have last just a little longer.  It can be tricky finding the right cover for older Weber Genesis grills.  Here is where I went to find a Weber Genesis cover that fit.

Cleaning up a couple of grills was actually a nice way to spend an afternoon.  Some people like the instant gratification they get from mowing the yard or painting a room.  I love the sight of a pretty grill.


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