Southern Living Ultimate Book of BBQ

I just finished reading through a great new bbq book and wanted to pass along the find! Ultimate bbq This book was put together by the Editors at Southern Living with significant contributions by Christopher Prieto. I give this book an 8 out of 10 and make it a strong recommendation for anyone regardless of their experience level. First let me tell you what I didn’t like about this book. #1  When discussing brisket they recommend buying Certified Angus Beef (CAB) grade or higher.  There is NO SUCH THING as CAB grade.  CAB is a COMPANY whose marketing makes them look like a “grade” of beef. #2  They promulgate the KCBS crap that a perfectly cooked rib should never fall off the bone. I have been cooking ribs for friends and family for 15 years.  For 5 years I tried convincing them that what they really wanted was a rib with a little tug to the meat.  I finally listened to what they wanted and have been smoking fall off the bone ribs ever since. The ONLY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD who don’t like fall of the bone ribs are KCBS judges.  Get them away from a judging table and half of them will change their story.  Get a couple beers in the other ones and then they switch sides as well. Think of it this way….when was the last time you complained because your steak was too tender? Okay…got that out of my system. On the positive side… 98% of the information in the book is spot on. I love that the book is broken into “low and slow” and “hot and fast” sections. The photography is beautiful and inspiring. The side dishes and “leftover” dishes are spectacular. The Barbecue Peach Summer Rolls are going to be made at my house as soon as physically possible.  I am going to shamelessly rip off the Grilled Balsamic-Molasses Bacon recipe and post it on Reddit as my own (not really but the thought crossed my mind). I picked up a GREAT tip on using instant coffee granules in dry rubs instead of ground coffee beans. If you would like to see another review of this excellent book here is one written by the Patrons of the Pit. All in all this is a great book.  Beginners will like the step by step approach through the basics of ribs, brisket and chicken.  Experienced hands will like the new ideas presented for side dishes and using up the leftovers.  Everyone will love the photography and sidebars.


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