Smoked Chicken Nachos

Here is another great way to put a big pile of smoked chicken to use!  Smoked chicken nachos are a staple at our house.  Here is how we make them.

Start with a pile of smoked chicken thighs or chicken quarters.

Smoked Chicken Plate

Discard the rubbery skin, remove the meat from the bone and then shred with your hands to bite sized pieces.

One of the simple tricks to awesome nachos is to pay attention to the tortilla chips!  Don’t waste your time with broken chips.  I used to think it didn’t matter since the chips get all covered up anyways.  My wife corrected my thinking on this one.  Only use big, whole chips.

Nacho Plate

I add shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, pickled jalapeno slices and the chicken.  It looks pretty awesome at this point!

Smoked chicken Nachos

You can also add some shredded cheese and salsa.

Nachos with Cheese

Hit this up in the microwave for 90 seconds and you will have a great platter of smoked chicken nacchos on your hands!



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