Smoked Turkey Necks

This is old school barbecue!  This is taking an odd part of an animal that nobody else wants and using smoke and time to turn it into something amazing.  These are smoked turkey necks!

smoked turkey necks

I was working with some heavy duty turkey necks that weighed in at about 3/4 of a pound each.

turkey necksThese were seasoned up with some McCormick’s barbecue seasoning rub and smoked with hickory for two hours with indirect heat.

Turkey necks with bbq seasoningAfter two hours in the smoke the turkey necks were looking fine!

smoking turkey necksThe necks were then wrapped in aluminum foil pouches with about a quarter cup of apple juice each and returned to the pit on indirect heat.  Use heavy duty foil for this part as the bones on the turkey necks like to poke through.  Two hours in the smoke give these guys flavor.  Two hours braising in the foil gets these guys tender!

smoked turkey necks in foilAfter two hours in the foil the smoked turkey necks have gone from looking nice to looking incredible!

smoked turkey neck before sauceI added a little barbecue sauce and let the sauce set up for about 30 minutes back on the pit.

smoked turkey neck with bbq sauceSmoked turkey necks are old school great eats.  There is nothing pretty about eating smoked turkey necks.  You have to get your face right in there and suck the meat out of the neck bones.  You eat these with your friends and family…people you don’t mind seeing your face covered in barbecue sauce and turkey shrapnel.


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